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Organize Around Your Envisioned  Outcomes
Create a strategically organized on line communication and collaboration hub to enable you to achieve what you set out to do.

Purposefully Organized Communities of EndeavorTM

Private, Secure, Strategic Communication & Collaboration
Organized Around What and How You Need To Be Remembered



                 Organize Around Important Discussions, Decisions, Activities, Resources,
                 Questions And Outcomes, All Aligned With Their Envisioned End State

Engage And Collaborate Securely From Anywhere, Any Device Any Time

                 A Community of Practice Promotes And Facilitates Discussion And
                 Engagement And Learning Among Peers


                 Build A Corporate Memory That Remembers Strategic Information Your
                 People Take Away At Night...And Sometimes For Good.

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Key Benefits & Questions


Canadian and International CPA Enquiries Welcomed
Become a Chartered Memory Steward
Join CMS Community of Practice
 Create Purposefully Organized Communities For Your Clients

   Build A Powerful, Secure & Valuable Corporate Memory As You Work 

Does Any Of The Following Concern You?

Does Email Spam, Phishing
& Internet Security Worry You?
Is Email "Push" And Management  A Pain?

Can Communication, Collaboration &
Engagement Be Made More Strategic?

What Happens To Your Business
If You Get Hit By A Bus?  
If Key People Leave?

Is Your
Business Worth More
With Its Strategic Memories

If We Could Only Alleviate A Few Of These Important Concerns, That Wouls Be Awesome.
But There Is A More Complete List Of Benefits With Our One Page Summary

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Strategic Archives Is Built On The Simple Machines© Community Forum Platform
Communicate & Collaborate Via Communities of EndeavorTM
Organized Private, Secure Corporate Forums Around
People, Discussions, Decisions, Activities And Resources

    Awesome Collaboration & Engagement & Memory Building Platform
     Corporations, Professional Firms, Service Organizations, Specialized Collaborative Efforts
Enable Succession Planning, Guard Against The Loss Of Key People


Communities of Practice are groups of people
who share a concern or a passion for something they do
and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly

                                                             Etienne Wenger
We asked Etienne Wenger, the world's foremost
Community of Practice scholar and authority, 
if our approach was right. His answer?

"For a close-knit team with ongoing interactions and
    a need to learn fast, your model would indeed apply"
                                          Etienne Wenger

Cloud Based And Accessible By Users Anytime, Anywhere, Via Desktop, Laptop Or Any Mobile Device.
And Your Conversation and Collaboration Is Private, Secure and Better Than Email

Ask About Our Value Guarantees
You Will Communicate & Collaborate More Effectively And Securely
You Will Remember Important Things About Strategic Resources, Memories And Questions
You Will Benefit From Being Organized Around People, Discussions, Decisions Activities And Resources

We Will Only Undertake An Engagement If We Can Agree, To Our Mutual Satisfaction,
That The Value And Potential Of What We Provide Is Greater Than The Price We Charge

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300 Mill Rd #A36
Toronto Ontario M9C 4W7

John B Voorpostel CPA
Managing Director

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