Smart Taxonomies, Communities of Practice, and Simple Machines

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  If You Knew What You Know

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             Your communication and collaboration will be more private and secure
             than email and you will improve the quality of your discussions and decisions. 

             We help you stop  reinventing  the wheel, and lay out a smart taxonomy
             you can adopt and adapt and grow forward with.

             A Community of Practice allows discussions to take place about activities
             and events and what you did about it and what might work better.

             A complete corporate memory can be designed that remembers all important
            strategic information including what they take home at night.

More About What We Do
Smart Taxonomies, Communities of Practice, and Simple Machines

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We Are Unique In Organizing Communities of Practice
 Around Smart Taxonomies and Trusted Wisdom


If You Are A Business Owner or Leader
With A Diverse Operating Network

Build Your Community of Practice
Around What You Do And Should Be Doing

We Give You A Head Start With Our
Smart Taxonomy, Content And Experience

We Offer a choice Of Service Packages

We Go In With Our Value Guarantees

Improved Dialogue And Connections
Improved Learning And Decisions
Systemic Integration Of Know How and Work Product
Systemic Organization Of Business Strategies, Tools
No More Reinventing The Wheel
No More Losing Know How When People Leave
Flattened Learning Curves For Newcomers

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We organize communication and collaboration around people, discussions, decisions, activities and resources  because that is how things get done. It's how people do things together

Business discussions, decisions, activities and resources can be mapped and modeled. Think of a smart taxonomy as an equivalent to the financial accounts structure of a corporate set of books, except it is a framework by which to sort and navigate through what you want remembered. About what you do and remember,  inside a volume of electronic memory dedicated to a decision, activity or resource 

We Are Also Unique With Our Smart Taxonomies.
Strategic Archives is a smart taxonomy ready for business. It comes organized around a set of powerful  responsibilities, business directives, and strategies that work. Overall the starting taxonomy reflects Trusted Wisdom insights from years of collective business experience.

Simply  sign into  your private, secure  forum,  and  communicate,  collaborate,  or  simply  contribute

A forum is an ideal way to compartmentalize information, so users can be consciously assigned rights to as many or few threads and conversations as the forum administrators decide is appropriate to that user or class of user.

Suppliers, clients, bankers, lawyers, accountants and others important to the business can be added sorted into  specific classes and conversations. Internally business leadership can compartmentalize and secure specific categories of its memory to an inner team and among specific teams. 

Communication includes conversations and sharing resources such as electronic files and workspaces that include only information about something specific that is explicit knowledge. Something meant to convey important information in a short document for context and background. The craft is in the questions and conversations and  interactions and making decisions while engaging in activities. 

And That Conversation
  Is Private, Secure and Way Better Than eMail.

Our Go To Platform is Simple Machines.
    We'll Organize Communities of Practice
        Around Smart Taxonomies and Trusted Wisdom
             Build Your Corporate Memory

We Will Only Undertake An Engagement If We Can Agree, To Our Mutual Satisfaction,
That The Value And Potential Of What We Provide Is Greater Than The Price We Charge
    Experienced Benefits 
    You may not get them all right away, but
     implement a Community of Practice and
     the following benefits are within reach.

  Client Centric
   Improved customer service
    Improved customer focus
    Better problem resolutions
    Increase in product innovation
    Improved product innovation
    More ideas and opportunities
    Better marketing strategies
    Increased market share

   Revenue growth

  Management Centric
   Improved oversight
    Improved communication
    Improved collaboration
    Improved access to outside experts
    Better planning and coordination
    Access to more and better ideas

   People Centric
   Better access to experts
    Better access to solutions
    Better decision making
    Improved communication
    Improved collaboration
    Improved skills and methods
    More shared best practices
    More new ideas
    New ways of working
    Staff attraction/retention
    Improved learning and development

  Organization Centric
   Improved communication security
    Improved collaboration security
    Retention of important knowledge
    Retention of strategic know-how
    Development of learning culture
    Improved productivity
    Improved competitive advantage
    Reduced costs
    Increased profits


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